Liquid Knowledge Lemonade




Lemonade:  Liquid Knowledge Illustrated.

Consider please a pitcher of ice water, a bunch of lemons, and an appropriate amount of sugar. Water, lemons, sugar: Three distinct, separate substances. However, when the water, the juice of the lemons, and the sugar are combined artfully, we have a refreshing beverage which is a new substance influenced by but not reducible to any of its components: lemonade.

Similarly, consider please digital media and the human thinker. Digital media is nothing more than "data", ultimately binary code or "0"s and "1"s. The human thinker defies easy description but surely is not mere data. Just as sugar is inherently sweet and lemon is inherently tangy, the human thinker, I submit, constantly finds coherence, understanding, and practical effectiveness by the process of making judgments of valuation or values. Human values alone are not knowledge; data alone are not knowledge. However, it is my essential premise that the inseparable combination of data and values comprises knowledge for purposes of KM. Most importantly and like the lemonade, as data and values are "mixed" together, the knowledge they comprise cannot be separated anymore than the lemonade can be disassembled into its earlier ingredients.

The term "Liquid Knowledge", then, is intended to convey that digital media data and human thinker values combine into a single new form, like a liquid with inseparable ingredients: human-digital media knowledge. Liquid Knowledge is the mixing together of data and values which does not unmix or disassemble.

For many, this profile of Liquid Knowledge may suffice. However, my original formulation of the theories of Liquid Knowledge were prepared narrowly for academia. So, the original edition online of this Liquid Knowledge site was intended to provide a tour, guided by me, for the scholar to excavate more deeply into this subject. The original edition online of this Liquid Knowledge site is available here. [html prior sentence.]

I present Liquid Knowledge as a catalyst to reflection and dedication to achieve optimal congruence of digital media and human users.